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About Our Counselors



My name is Erika Alvarez.  When I was a child, my dad told me something I have never forgotten, “Every generation needs to improve.”  This has inspired my passion for education.  After high school, I went San Jose State University and earned my bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and continued on to earn my master’s degree in Social Work.  My goal has always been to work with middle school students because I felt that that is where students needed the most support.


I work with students whose last names start with Mar-Z.  I hope to guide all students to realize that they are worthy, and as long as they work hard, they will achieve their dreams.  I want to inspire all students I work with to strive for making sure that their generation improves.


Hablo español. 



My name is Julia Carrasco. I am the Bilingual School Counselor here at Davis Intermediate School for last names A-Mar. I am a first generation College student and with that, I can relate to many of our students needs and struggles.  I graduated from San Jose State University receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master Degree in Counseling Education. I am fluent in Spanish and assist with translation.


I am going on my fourth year here at Davis and I am very happy to form part of the Davis community. Previous to Davis, I was a Subsidy Counselor for Choices for Children for over seven years. There I worked with families providing services/resources to help them reach their full potential. On my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy running, cooking, traveling and I love to dance.


As a Davis School Counselor, my primary goal is to offer counseling services as an additional resource to help our students succeed in their academic goals, as well as support social and emotional growth throughout the school year. Counseling sessions in a school setting are typically short-term in nature and focus on solutions to help your child succeed in all areas of their development.


Any student can request to meet with me. As for students, they just need to ask to see me and I will set up a time to meet with them. Students may be referred to counseling from a teacher, staff member, or a parent/guardian.


I am here to help students reach their personal/social and academic goals, as well as provide support for the parents and teachers. My office is located in the Counseling Center and I can be reached by email at or extension 302213.

I look forward to meeting all of you!


Remember ATTITUDE is the key ingredient to success!!


Ms. Carrasco